Captain America Comics #1 (COVERS ONLY) Classic WWII Golden Age Timely 1941 CGC


Offered here is an original set of COVERS ONLY to Captain America Comics #1 from March, 1941. While there are no interior pages present, this is still a blue label, nice-presenting example of Cap 1, one of the biggest books in the hobby. Given that a coverless copy hasn’t popped up for sale in several…

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Captain America Comics #6 Cgc 9.0 Cr/ow Pages // Rockford Pedigree Timely 1941


CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #6 CGC 9.0 CR/OW PAGES // ROCKFORD PEDIGREE TIMELY 1941. Jack Kirby/Al Alison cover art. One single 9.2 graded higher than this copy. Not sure who we are/never dealt with us? Simply do an internet search for “Reece’s Rare Comics” to get references. Be sure to add me to your favorites list….

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CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #35 P, Coverless, Golden Age Timely Marvel Comics 1944


You get the comic book shown. It is an original first printing with no restoration, cut-outs, or pages missing, unless otherwise noted. They carry plenty of newer releases too but their main appeal is a large library of back issues from every age. They have a highly impressive 100% feedback score, with almost 25,000 ratings….

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