Detective Comics #235 (1956) Golden Age Key Origin, Thomas Wayne the 1st Batman


Detective Comics #235 (1956) Golden Age Key Comic, Origin of Batman, Origin of Batman’s Costume, Revelation That Bruce Wayne’s Father Wore Bat-Costume to Fight Crime. After seeing an old home movie of his father, Dr. Thomas Wayne, in a Batman costume for a masquerade party, and learning from Dr. Wayne’s diary that he was marked…

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Detective Comics #91? CBCS 1.0? Joker Cover! Golden Age Batman DC Comic 1944


This listing is for Detective Comics #91, published by D. To the CGC census, there are only 113 graded copies, with likely much fewer graded by CBCS. This comic was rated 1.0 (“Fair”) by CBCS with “Off-White Pages”. The CBCS label notes Cover & 1st wrap detached. 4 pieces of tape on interior cover &…

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