Superman #40 (1946) CGC Graded 8.5 Mr. Mxyztplk Appearance Wayne Boring Cover


Style Sheet Template 2.1. SUPERMAN #40 CGC GRADED 8.5. Mxyztplk and Susie appearance. Don Cameron & Jerry Siegel – Stories. CGC Graded 8.5 Off-White to White Pages Brand New Case The thickness of the CGC cases have caused bounce back glare on our scans. Scans have been provided for a visual condition of this item….

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Dan Jurgens Golden Age Superman Lois Lane Original Art Splash Pg Infinite Crisis


Featuring the original Superman and Lois Lane from the Golden Age (later designated Earth Two by DC Comics) this page is from Infinite Crisis Secret Files #1 (2006). With story by legendary comics writer Marv Wolfman and artwork by fan-favorite Superman artist Dan Jurgens (inked by Cam Smith), the scene features Kal-L revealing to Lois…

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SUPERMAN #2 1939 CGC 1.0 FR Key DC Golden Age Comic RARE 2nd Issue! UNRESTORED


1939 CGC 1.0 FR. (taken on 3/12/2020) not stock images. 1st Time Graded, 1st Time Offered For Sale, Brand New Slab. Cover pencils by Joe Shuster, inks by Paul Cassidy. Untitled Superman story starring Larry Trent, script by Jerry Siegel, pencils by Joe Shuster, inks by Paul Cassidy; Superman saves the former heavyweight boxing champion…

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