Rare Lot Golden Age Original Art Out Of The Shadows Pages Horror Art Covers More


This is an incredible collection. From the estate of Morris Marcus; famed golden age artist. Lots of cool original art!! Few pages from Out of the shadows original story by moe marcus. So much amazing stuff! Such an amazing historical collection! Pictures dont do this collection justice. Again please see pics to get good idea…

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Horrific #2 Page 30 Original Art 1952 VENGEFUL CORPSE Golden Age Not CGC CBCS


“Tail of Death”; Amos Hatter has to take care of his younger scientist brother, Joseph; The mentally deranged Joseph experiments with a growing formula, but finds the opposite and shrinks himself down to mouse size; Amos helps him to regain his normal size, but is murdered by Joseph out of fear to be submitted to…

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Captain America Comics #2 ORIGINAL Timely 1941 Hitler Simon Kirby GOLDEN AGE


Captain America Comics #2 GOLDEN AGE Timely 1941 Hitler Simon Kirby ORIGINAL. Hitler cover art by Joe Simon. The Ageless Orientals That Wouldn’t Die!! , script by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, pencils by Kirby, inks by Reed Crandall; Cap and Bucky must battle huge oriental giants that came from Tibet, and the master that…

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Joe Staton Signed Original DC Comics JLA JSA Art Skeetch Golden Age Batman


Measuring 9 by 12 inches, this original art sketch features the work of veteran comic illustrator Joe Staton. Please note- this is an actual, original piece of art illustrated by hand by Staton. It is not a copy, print or pre-printed image. It is a one-of-a-kind original. Excepting pack-pulled autograph trading cards, CGC Signature Series,…

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