Vintage Comics Lot, Marvel, EC Horror, Avengers, Thor, golden age, key issues


If you need any questions answered or more pictures please feel free to ask. Fantastic Four 67 first appearance of Adam Warlock Thor 165 first appearance of him Thor 142 Avengers 8 first appearance of Kang the conqueror Avengers 62 first appearance of man ape thrills of Tomorrow 17 first in series Ghost Rider 2…

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21 Golden age and silver age comics lot. Key issues Marvel DC amazing spiderman

Lot of 21 golden and silver age mixed comic books with varying conditions. Amazing Spider-Man #20 1st appearance of Mac Gargan aka the scorpion Amazing Spider-Man #28 1st appearance of molten man Fantastic four #67 1st appearance of HIM aka Adam Warlock Avengers #62, marvel comics, 1st Mbaku aka Man Ape appearance Thor #142, marvel…

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